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“I have never seen any other playschool like this. Gustavo and I loved this school from day one.”

Valerie Mourad | Parent

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Children First

When you enroll your child at ELV, you will be assured of uncompromisable care and love at your very first visit to the school. All teachers and staff at ELV abide by a golden rule - children first. They bring in a tremendous amount of experience in the field of early education, making ELV the perfect early years school for your child.

Health & Safety

At ELV, the welfare and wellbeing of our children is a prime responsibility. We spread awareness among children, parents and school staff regarding health and safety measures. We aim to minimise the possibility of health hazards and risks at school. It is our duty to be highly responsive and act quickly in the case of a medical emergency.

Play Based Learning

At ELV, we understand that development in a child’s early years is crucial for lifelong well-being and success. We also understand that the best way to prepare children for their adult life is to give them what they need as children. Hence, play is a key aspect of the children’s learning and development process at ELV.

Globally Accredited Curriculum

Our enriching early years curriculum is globally accredited. We maintain the highest standards of early education by following a structured routine of knowledge sharing, and by paying individual attention to each and every child.

8 Learning Goals


"I like to learn by asking


"I am happy to try new


"I can stick ta a task and see
it through"


"I try and do what is


"I speak well and carefully listen
to others"


"I can think about


"I like to learn and play with others
in a group


"I like others and am kind
to them

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  • support@earlylearningvillage.com
  • E-Block, Behind Shallom Hill
  • International School,
  • Sushant Lok Phase-1,
  • Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

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